Maintenance Procedures Training Course

In order to maintain an experimental aircraft, a builder has to complete the SAAA’s Maintenance Procedures Course. I attended the MPC course, held in Gawler SA, on May 20/21 and subsequently completed the take-home exam in June. If I pass the exam (80% required), I will get issued with a certificate, which gives me authority under CASA Instrument 15/16 to maintain this aircraft and issue new maintenance releases. The course was well run and it was good to get away and hang out with other people building their own aircraft.

APS training

I attended the APS course  held in Brisbane last weekend, mainly as a first step to learning more about aircraft engines. I went there in complete ignorance – hadn’t had time to review the online materials – but it didn’t matter. The course was well organized, thought provoking, and gave me a lot of insight into combustion events and the effects of mixture. There was a heavy focus on engine monitors and interpreting what the monitors are telling you, and a lot of data and video material from flight tests and engine dyno runs.

Apart from the course itself – which I highly recommend – there were several RV-10 owners/builders there, so a never ending conversation was always available on that front.