Fuselage stand [5.5 hours]

I built a fuselage stand. Nothing special about it, just something strong enough to hold the fuselage through to the point where the gear can go on. On wheels of course so I can move the fuselage around in the workshop.

The fuselage is quite heavy now that the front and mid sections are together. I thought about using a second person and lifting each side, while a third person moves the workbenches out and the stand in, but thought it would be safer to not rely on grunting humans so I used the tractor for the lift. This was thankfully uneventful, and the fuselage is now on its temporary stand for the next few months as the build progresses.

Now I have my workbenches back – so I can start bending the side skins.

  • f11a
    Fuselage stand
  • f11b
    Universal airframe lifting machine
  • f11c
    Lifting fuselage off workbenches
  • f11d
    Lifting fuselage off workbenches
  • f11e
    Fuselage on stand
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