TC visit #2 [5.0 hours]

In Australia, you need at least 3 SAAA Technical Counselor (TC) visits during construction in order to check off a box with the insurance company. In my case I have to fly a TC down from the mainland, so we did a combined visit between myself and an RV-9A builder in my local area. We all had a good day going over the two projects, it was good to spend some workshop time just chatting about the build(s). My TC is a wealth of information and we were able to spend some time at the end of the day going over the paperwork requirements for having a C of A issued in Australia.

TC Visit

I had my first SAAA Technical Counsellor visit today. Brian, my TC, flew down from Melbourne early AM to inspect the workshop and ¬†each of the empennage sub-assemblies. The visit went well and I wasn’t advised¬†to turn it into a garden ornament.