Right flap construction [28.5 hours]

The right flap is now done, except for riveting the trailing edge. This is the last control surface assembly, and it seemed a bit odd to realize after I’d countersunk the trailing edge wedge that I wouldn’t need the drill jig any more. Assembly was straightforward, except for some reason about half a dozen holes on one end of the trailing edge were offset slightly, just enough for cleco’s to not fit. Match drilling through these holes worked fine without any enlargement so they weren’t that far off.

A long time ago on the empennage I messed up a VA-140 trailing edge wedge, and stole one from the wing kit. That left me one short. An RV-7 builder in Melbourne kindly obtained one for me along with his empennage kit. I finally unpacked it last week and used it for this flap – so thanks Joe!

Still plenty left to do on the wings, but I have some primer expiring towards the end of the year and a few months of mild weather coming up so I’m going to make a start on the fuselage in the coming weeks.

  • w57a
    Skins cleco'd onto right flap skeleton
  • w57b
    Replacement VA-140 - thanks Joe!
  • w57c
    Match drilling right flap
  • w57d
    Riveting right flap skeleton
  • w57e
    Ready to rivet top skins
  • w57f
    Ready to rivet top skins
  • w57g
    Ready to install bottom skin for trailing edge match drilling
  • w57h
    Match drilling trailing edge
  • w57i
    Match drilling trailing edge
  • w57j
    Finished match drilling right flap trailing edge
  • w57k
    Trailing edge after dimpling, edge relief visible on both top skin and bottom of nose skin
  • w57l
    Straight edge has #40 holes match drilled from trailing edge
  • w57m
    Countersunk trailing edge wedges, the last use of my awesome wedge drill jig
  • w57n
    Riveted bottom skins to main spar

Right flap priming [4.0 hours]

Primed all the right flap parts. The good news is that the next priming job I do will be on the fuselage! A separate post will catch up on right flap construction.

  • w56a
    Right flap skins scuffed, de-greased, ready for priming
  • w56b
    Right flap parts ready for priming
  • w56c
    Skins primed
  • w56d
    Internal parts primed

Right flap started after (yet another) break [8.5 hours]

I’ve had yet another break from building, but this time it was for a good reason – a flying trip! We went on Aussie Flyaway’s latest air safari “across the top”. This is the second time we’ve gone on one of Tony and Angela’s organised air safaris. This time there were just five aircraft, shared by a group of thirteen. It was a fantastic trip, covering a bit over 4,500 nm in two weeks. We were originally going to rent a 182 out of Redcliffe, but then changed over to going in a friend’s Cessna Corvalis. Apart from a diversion to Birdsville (where we got stuck for two days) due to thunderstorms while enroute to Alice Springs, the weather was fantastic and the trip went off without a hitch. More incentive to get on with the build!

The last major assembly yet to do for the wings is the right flap. I started this over the past few days, and have it up to the point where all the ribs, spar and flap brackets are de-burred and assembled into the right flap skeleton. Next step is to match drill and de-burr the skins.

  • across_the_top
    Actual flight path for the trip, which originated and finished in Mildura
  • w55a
    Right flap skeleton assembled