Clearcoat done [8.0 hours]

After a lot of preparation, I sprayed the clearcoat onto the overhead console. I’m not much of a painter so I’ve got one run to scrape out and the whole thing will need a cut and polish, but it turned out fairly well and I got the effect I was looking for in terms of the transition from the light grey overhead colour into the carbon fibre console. More importantly, the overhead console is now UV protected with the Durepox clearcoat product I used.

I’ve put the overhead aside for now, time for a break from fibreglass and painting so I’m going to get back to the firewall and work towards getting the fuselage up onto the gear.

  • f32a
    Set up on a nice day
  • f32b
    Spraying clearcoat
  • f32c
    Spraying clearcoat
  • f32d
    Clearcoat done, before cut and polish
  • f32e
    Clearcoat done, before cut and polish