Antenna doublers, A/C condenser doublers etc. [38.5 hours]

I had to take a week off building to do some work. Prior to that, I spent a fair bit of time on the mid fuselage skins making doublers for a pair of UHF antennae, and doublers and mounting points for the A/C condenser. That’s right, this RV-10 is going to carry around an air conditioning system.

I made doublers for a pair of CI-122 UHF antennae, positioning them in the second outboard bay left/right under each side of the rear seat ribs, a commonly used place in the RV-10 world.

Then came the time consuming part. The A/C condenser is mounted in a scoop. The standard attachment method specified by Airflow Systems is to use Rivnuts – because the installation instructions are written for an already completed aircraft. Since I’m slow-building the fuselage, I can take the slow route and use platenuts and doublers. This is quite a bit of extra work, and does turn the bottom skin into a piece of swiss cheese – but the end result is much stronger and cleaner than the rivnuts. All of the doublers and shims weighed in at 408 grams – so I’ve added 0.9 pounds to the airframe.

With this work done, I finished match drilling the skins, disassembled everything, de-burred and dimpled the skins, de-burred, dimpled and/or countersank the mid fuse ribs and spars. The skins and doublers are ready for priming. I don’t really want to prime the large F-1076 skin with my mini-gun, so I’ve ordered a regular spray gun – need one to do the interior painting within a month or two anyway. I’m going to put the skins aside until that arrives, and start on the firewall / forward fuse.

  • f3a
    Match drilling Antenna doubler, inside view with CI-122 cleco'd in place
  • f3b
    CI-122 UHF Antenna in place
  • f3c
    CI-122 UHF Antenna cleco'd in place with doubler
  • f3d
    Establishing centre line on A/C condenser scoop
  • f3e
    Marking out a transparent template
  • f3f
    Cutting out the perspex template
  • f3g
    Checking perspex template fit
  • f3h
    Perspex template taped to skin
  • f3i
    Condenser inlet/outlet holes and doubler
  • f3j
    Trial fit, aft holes done
  • f3k
    Trial fit, with rear doublers match drilled
  • f3l
    Trial fit, with front doublers match drilled
  • f3m
    Two antenna doublers, and full set of condenser doublers, weighs 408 grams, ouch
  • f3n
    Two UHF antenna doublers, and all condenser doublers
  • f3o
    F-1077 skin, dimpling around edges
  • f3p
    F-1077 skin complete, doublers all dimpled and complete
  • f3q
    F-1076 skin ready for de-burring and dimpling
  • f3r
    F-1076 skin deburred and dimpled
  • f3s
    Dimpling mid fuse ribs
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