Finish empennage fairings, begin empennage attach

Another long building delay is over. I went to Osh Kosh, traveled a lot, looked after ill friends and family, and did some consulting work. Now the weather is improving I’m determined to get the project back on track.

I finally finished the empennage fairings. Spent way too much time fiddling around with the horizontal stabilizer tip fairings. That’s now all behind me, except for some fill priming. I’ll probably put a layer of glass tape across the HS tips to metal transition, just to ensure there will be no cracking in that area.

With that all done, it’s now time to attach the empennage to the fuselage. We lifted it into place, and everything fitted really well. After a match drilling session, it is now time time to take it off, debur, prime a few parts, and then attach it permanently.

  • efair1
    Drilling and countersinking empennage fairing
  • efair2
    Drilling and countersinking empennage fairing
  • efair3
    Drilling HS tip fairings
  • efair4
    Empennage fairing
  • efair5
    HS tip fairing riveted on
  • efair6
    Tapping longeron #6 for empennage gap fairing
  • efair7
    Empennage ready for attachment to fuselage
  • ejoin1
    Empennage attached to fuselage for match drilling
  • ejoin2
    Empennage attached to fuselage for match drilling
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