Why we have children

Reason number 101:

A couple of months ago I bought a pair of long stroke 3000kg hydraulic jacks, because I knew that “soon” I was going to have to jack the fuselage to finish some jobs on the main gear and do the wheel spats. After that I would need to be able to safely jack the entire aircraft for ongoing repair and maintenance.  I reviewed a thread on VAF that contained various pictures of how builders had made Jack Stands, to provide stability for the Jacks and reduce the chance of a disaster.

I also bought some Jack Pad adapters from Bogert Aviation, these screw into the wing tie down points and provide a non-rigid jack point. The Jack Ram adapter didn’t fit on my Jacks, the adapter was larger than the Ram diameter, but there were a pair of grub screws to secure it.

I asked my eldest son – who works in industry and has done a lot with metal – if he might have some scrap plate lying around that I could make a few base plates from, and showed him the pictures on VAF. He said “leave it with me”, and some time later came over and picked up a Jack.

The other day he brought over the most awesome pair of Jack Stands I’ve ever seen, complete with routed out base plates, welded supports and a two section collar that bolts together to retain the Jacks. He also had a pair of adapter rings, which perfectly fitted the Bogert Jack Ram adapters to the Jacks.

I’m now all set to Jack the airframe. What else can I say?

  • f51c
    Awesome Jack Stands
  • f51e
    Base of stand sits in routed out recess
  • f51f
    Welded struts secure collar to base
  • f51d
    Collar around Jack Body
  • f51a
    Sleeve to mate Bogert Jack Ram Adapter to Jacks
  • f51b
    Adapter sleeve in place
  • f51g
    Bogert Aviation Adapter and Jack Pad


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