Typing while down for maintenance [20.0 hours]

My winter non-activity at the Hangar continued through July/August due to a bout of illness followed by ankle and knee fractures. As such I have had a lot of time on my hands where the only thing I could really do was sit around and type. I have a lot of material for the Aircraft Flight Manual (POH) and it’s time to start collating it into a coherent document. Of course, there are a lot of performance numbers that can only be filled in after phase 1 flight test, but there are other, descriptive chapters that can be completed at this time.

The small TFT display is unique to this aircraft, and I completed a chapter describing its operation. I’ve put a lot of thought into the redundant power system, and how the data it can gather gets presented to the pilot in a way that is useful and informative, but not distracting. Here’s a link to the draft text for that chapter (only):

AFM Chapter 9


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