Rudder leading edge [2.0 hours]

Rolling the rudder leading edge was straightforward. I found that I needed to work the upper sections with a piece of 1″ OD pipe, in order to get enough bend on them. With my 1 1/4″ rolling tool, the sections didn’t fit together cleanly enough at the top where there was not as much depth to work with.

Unlike the elevators, for some reason Van’s did not punch the rivet holes out to #30 for the rudder, so I had to match drill them. I drilled them #33, then drilled with a #30 reamer, to minimize the amount of material that had to be removed to de-burr the holes, since the skins are so thin to start with.

  • rudder40
    Ready to roll rudder leading edge
  • rudder41
    Top segment done, ready for middle
  • rudder42
    Riveting middle segment
  • rudder43
    Ready to roll final segment
  • rudder44
    Ready to match drill final section
  • rudder45
    Rudder leading edge completed


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