Empennage together [5.0 hours]

Mounted the vertical stabilizer, elevators and rudder today – so for the first time, all control surfaces are together on the Empennage. Today also happens to be the 1 year anniversary of the arrival of the Empennage kit! I’m glad I built a sturdy wheel-around cart for the tail cone, because once it is all assembled, the rear end is quite heavy. I wouldn’t really like to work on the thing while it was balanced on a workbench.

[30 Aug] Update: I finished adjusting the rudder, and installed the elevator pushrod. I also tried putting the empennage fairing in place, and it looks like a good fit.

  • empattach20
    All control surfaces together for the first time on Empennage
  • empattach21
    Untrimmed fairing looks about right
  • empattach22
    Elevator pushrod in place
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