The Builder

I’m a mostly retired electrical engineer, now running a small sheep farm in Tasmania – the island state to the south of mainland Australia. I grew up in Melbourne, but after finishing Uni moved overseas, first to Europe then to the USA where I lived for 20 years working in various R&D roles, encompassing electronics hardware, software and silicon.  My three amazing sons were all “born in the USA”.

I first got interested in aviation as a young Uni student in the 1970’s, and got as far as buying a copy of the pilot’s theory book – which I still have! However, cost and other factors were against me, and the rest was history. Not long after moving back to Australia in 2004, I finally got around to flight training and gained my private pilot’s license. For some years now my wife and I have enjoyed flying trips into the vast Australian outback. This will hopefully continue for some time to come, so it is time to move on and build an aircraft best suited to the purpose.





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