The Aircraft


An RV-10 is the only four seat model in a range of kitplanes designed by Van’s Aircraft. It is a low-wing aircraft of traditional metal construction. As of October 2014 there are over 734 of them flying, and based on my kit number over 1,500 total including those still under construction. There are many more “other models” flying and under construction, numbering in the tens of thousands. Van’s is a highly successful and mature company, and there’s an endless supply of builders out there who have gone to great trouble to document their build process on-line, creating a large resource base of information (and admittedly in some cases mis-information).

Some assembly required (RV-7 kit shown)

The kit comes in the form of a zillion mostly metal parts, and at first glance it might seem like all you have to do is assemble them.

In fact, you get to put together each sub-assembly, and pull it all apart again, several times over as part of the build process. You spend a lot of time drilling, grinding, sanding, maybe priming etc. and comparatively little time riveting each final assembly together.

After an effort that spans anywhere up to or beyond 2,000 hours of build time, you end up with one of these.

Exterior Dimensions (with apologies to the now defunct Metric Conversion Board)
Wing Span 31 ft 9in.
Length 24 ft 5 in.
Height 8 ft 8 in
Wing Area 148 sq ft
Empty Weight Typically 1520-1630 lbs .
Gross Weight 2700 lbs
Wing Loading 18.6 lb/sq ft
Power Loading 13.5 – 10.4  lb/hp
Engine 260 hp
Propeller Hartzell C/S
Fuel Capacity 60 US gal
Baggage 100 lbs

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