The regulations under which “amateur built and experimental” aircraft may be issued with Certificates of Airworthiness in Australia include the provision:

AC 21.4(2) para 6.6 (a)   […]  builders should document the construction using photographs taken at appropriate times prior to covering. The photographs should clearly show methods of construction and quality of workmanship. Such photographic records should be included with the builder’s log or other construction records.

This site is part of my record keeping process. While making up my mind about building an aircraft, I examined numerous builder log sites. There are so many interesting RV-10 (and other) builder logs out there (see Links), it is highly unlikely mine will add anything new to the genre.  Normally I’d be just as happy to scribble in a notebook, but the above language about photographic records made me decide to do this part of the record keeping thing as a blog.


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